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Girl Group Spotlight: Ladies’ Code

Ladies Code, from left to right: Rise, EunB, Ashley, Zuny and Sojung
Ladies Code, from left to right: Rise, EunB, Ashley, Zuny and Sojung

Conventional wisdom suggests that K-pop’s female ensembles and their album concepts generally fall into one of two categories: cute or sexy. But the more I watch the vast the array of girl groups, the more I realize that there are groups that could be placed along varied places on the supposed cute-sexy spectrum, or whose concepts don’t belong on the spectrum at all. There are groups who switch back and forth between the two categories, there are groups who progress from cute to mature without pushing into 19+ rating territory, there are groups who revel in a 19+ rating, and there’s Crayon Pop.

Perhaps the cute-sexy dichotomy is true for those groups still seeking to get noticed. In K-pop, nothing instantly gets an audience’s attention like charm or unabashed sex appeal, and they can go a long way in appealing to the general public, especially Korea’s domestic audience. But don’t be fooled, and don’t be disheartened by the characterization of the girl group landscape. There are many genuinely talented and interesting groups out there who don’t constantly rely on the “typical” concepts to gain success.

The Girl Group Spotlight series is dedicated to introducing such groups, and the first to be discussed is Ladies’ Code.

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