Megapost: Songs by Female Idols in 2016

As the title suggests, this post features great songs released by female idols over the past year. Includes both groups and solo artists, many of which you’ve probably heard of, maybe a few you haven’t, but definitely a lot that you should listen to.

In alphabetical order by artist:


“Good Luck “(굿럭)” – AOA 


“If You” – Ailee

“Home” – Ailee feat. Yoon Mirae


“휘파람 (WHISTLE)” – Blackpink

“불장난 (PLAYING WITH FIRE)” – Blackpink


“변했어 Deepened” – Brave Girls

하이힐 (High Heels) – Brave Girls


“아니야 (No Oh Oh)” – CLC


“Someone like U” – Dalshabet

“FRI. SAT. SUN(금토일)” – Dalshabet


“L.I.E 엘라이” – EXID


“Mirror (미러)” – Fiestar

“APPLE PIE (애플파이)” – Fiestar


“Carnival (The Last Day)” – Gain


“시간을 달려서(Rough)” – GFriend

“너 그리고 나 (NAVILLERA)” – GFriend


“Sketch (스케치)” – Hyomin 


“나쁜 여자(Bad Girl)” – JeA feat. Jung Yup


“Hopefully sky (하늘바라기)” – Jeong Eunji feat. Hareem 


“Try(다시)” – Jimin Park


“Find Me(나를 찾아줘)” – Jun Hyoseong 


“Fresh Adventure 상상더하기” – Laboum 


“갤럭시 (GALAXY)” – Ladies’ Code

“더 레인(The Rain)” – Ladies’ Code


“손잡아 줘요 (HOLD MY HAND)” – Lee Hi

“MY STAR” – Lee Hi


“Destiny (나의 지구)” – Lovelyz


“Free Somebody” – Luna


“넌 is 뭔들 (You’re the best)” – Mamamoo 


“I Like That” – Sistar 


“I Like U Too Much (넘나 좋은 것)” – Sonamoo


“Secret Time” – Spica


“Sting” – Stellar

“펑펑울었어 (Crying)” – Stellar 


“비밀이야 (Secret)” – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)


“Why So Lonely” – Wonder Girls


“Cider (사이다)” – Yezi


” 입술에 입술 Lip 2 Lip” – 9 Muses A 


Are there any other songs you think should be here? Leave your suggestions in the comments!