Ten Favorites: Infinite


In honor of their impending comeback, I wanted to share some of my favorite tracks from Infinite, the seven-member male group from Woollim Entertainment. Since their 2010 debut, Infinite has become best known for their intricate choreography and excellent synchronization, making their live performances some of my favorites in K-pop. The members have also done well outside of the main group, from leader Sunggyu’s solo work to the more hip-hop influenced Infinite-H unit composed of Hoya and Dongwoo, but it’s their material together that I enjoy most.


“다시 돌아와 (Come Back Again)”
Album:  First Invasion

Even with the questionable attempts at rapping by the future H unit members, I still love Infinite’s debut single for the vocals and instrumentation. As the dance version of the MV shows, even in their rookie phase they showed promise in their performance ability.


“She’s Back”
Album: First Invasion
This song is so cheerful in its sound and has a music video perfect for summer, so I couldn’t resist including it. Plus, young Infinite was plain adorable.


“Nothing’s Over”
Album: Inspirit – Single

More upbeat baby Infinite; my favorite member, L sings the first line with his distinctive vocal tone; a simple point dance; and an oddly humorous video.


“Can You Smile (Remake)?”
Album: Inspirit – Single

The first non-single on this list is a redux of a track from Infinite’s Evolution EP. While the original features tempo changes, strings, and more processed production, this version is much less frenzied and the members’ voices have more room to shine.


Album: Over the Top

The bass line in the bridge is my favorite part, but beyond that it’s hard to describe why I enjoy this one so much. There’s just something about it that keeps me going back again and again.


Album: Paradise

The song itself, with its strings and disco-esque harmonies, is great, but the live performances are what push “Paradise” into all-time favorite territory; the choreography is some of Infinite’s most powerful yet.


“The Chaser”
Album: Infinitize 
This is the Infinite song,  peak Infinite, the one that best showcases what makes them great. The dance is fantastic, the melodies are great, and the production is nuanced but not overworked.  On top of that, “The Chaser” features some of the better rapping found in Infinite singles, and primary vocalists Sunggyu and Woohyun sound more like veterans than singers who were only two years into their career at the time. This is not just one of my favorites within Infinite’s discography, but one of my most liked tracks in all of K-pop.


Album: Destiny
A rare foray into R&B territory, “Inception” shows how versatile Infinite can be. I’m obviously a fan of their usual sound, but I also hope they’ll try this style again in the future.


“소나기 (Shower/I Need U Back)”
Album: Season 2
The lively ’80s-tinged closer to one of Infinite’s best albums.


Album: Be Back
Choreography highlights include the mirroring in the introduction and the clean lines scattered throughout. Song-wise, it’s Dongwoo’s singing at the start of the bridge that firmly cements this track’s place in my heart.