Girl Group Spotlight: Mamamoo

Mamamoo, from left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa
Mamamoo, from left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa

Next up in Girl Group Spotlight is a talented foursome that’s steadily gaining popularity and currently heating up the stage of Immortal Songs 2. Here’s a rundown on my favorite female ensemble to debut in 2014, and a group I expect to make big waves in 2015: Mamamoo.

Label: W.A. Entertainment

Debut: 2014

Members: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa

Albums: Hello (EP), Piano Man (EP)

Preview Singles: “Don’t Be Happy,” “Peppermint Chocolate”

Singles: “Mr.애매모호 (Mr. Ambiguous),” “Piano Man”


Even before their June 2014 debut, Mamamoo had already taken part in two great preview tracks with some of K-pop’s standout singers. First is “Don’t Be Happy,” which would later be included on their debut mini album, then  the standalone “Peppermint Chocolate.”

“Don’t Be Happy” (feat. Bumkey)

Peppermint Chocolate (with K.Will, feat. Wheesung)


Admittedly, I did not start following Mamamoo until their official debut. I wasn’t aware of the anticipation surrounding them, but their vocal and clothing styles of their live performances of  “Mr.애매모호 (Mr. Ambiguous)” still caught my attention, as well as the song’s upbeat Motown vibe.


Between singles, the ladies participated in the  soundtrack for the television drama Marriage Not Dating. When performed by a pop group or singer, these types of tracks often diverge from their usual artistic identity. But “Love Lane,” though not a showcase of the powerful vocals Mamamoo is capable of, still feels like them.


“Piano Man” has an electric swing sound and lively choreography that was created by the members themselves. I’m including a stage version of this song since Mamamoo are great live, and because white suits are my favorite performance outfits.


Apart from their clear talent, I’ve boarded the Mamamoo train because of their bright and funny personalities. Their YouTube channel is full of cover songs, dances, and behind the scenes glimpses into the group’s activities. There’s a lot to enjoy, but these are my most favorite.


Billed as a “Blurred Lines” cover, this humorous revamp sealed my liking for Hwasa, who wrote the comedic lyrics.  Highlights of “Pink Panties” include “I’m so fine, I’m so hot//Even my panties are super fine.”


Here, Wheein and Solar cover UV’s “No Cool I’m Sorry.”  Solar plays the piano, both of them sound great, and hilarity ensues.


Finally, a dance cover with all four members doing excerpts of choreography from song by their girl group peers. You can see snippets of AOA’s “Like a Cat,”  “Candy Jelly Love” by Lovelyz, and Apink’s “Luv.” Mamamoo hits the point dances well, but of course, it’s not all serious business.