Ten Favorites: SHINee


Narrowing this list to ten songs was extremely difficult; that’s how good SHINee’s music is. With each album, they become more enjoyable to listen to as their skills continue to improve and their music becomes more ambitious. A self-proclaimed “contemporary group,” SHINee is the epitome of versatility, floating from early 2000s teen pop to R&B ballads to complextro (a cousin of dubstep) with ease over the course of their career, and they get better and better with time.

The same is true onstage, where they are rightfully known for being some of K-pop’s most stellar live performers. Since their debut, audiences have seen SHINee grow from gangly teenagers to handsome men, and members have improved on skills they lacked when SHINee burst onto the scene in 2008. Taemin, who once had almost no singing lines, is now a powerful vocalist, Onew has proven himself as fully capable of keeping up with SHINee’s intense choreography, and their collective chemistry is something truly special (despite their past readiness to debunk the “brotherhood” image commonly conjured up by boyband marketers).

I could type pages upon pages about how wonderful SHINee is, but I should probably move on to the music. Here are some of my favorite SHINee songs:

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